Client: Female
Diagnosis: Proctalgia Fugax
Episode of care: 3 visits

“I was diagnosed by the 7th doctor I saw. I was examined by a pelvic floor specialist (physician), who did not diagnose my pelvic floor issue, and referred me to a colo-rectal surgeon who finally diagnosed the problem. I am so happy to have found you, but I am not happy that it took me so long. I am educated and resourceful, and persistent. Not everyone is like me, and I am sure that some people would have just accepted it and lived with it. I feel that there is a great need for public awareness and physician awareness of this problem and available, effective treatment. I can work a long shift again, I can shop ‘til I drop again, I don’t feel like there is a ball in my rectum, it doesn’t hurt during or after sex. I would have tried anything to feel normal again. I am a registered nurse, practicing in ob-gyn, the internal rectal trigger point massage is the #1 best treatment for my problem. Making time for ourselves is always difficult, but the actual work was not hard to do. I did my own therapy!”


Client: Male, 30
Diagnosis: Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome
Episode of care: 5 visits

I am so happy to report that I am literally nearly flawless. I owe this to you and Nechama. You have truly changed my quality of life. I’m so glad I was pressured by this trip not to accept pain and you guys are geniuses. I will talk to you when I get back. Please send my best and thanks to Nechama as well.

Thankfully yours from Beijing,

Client: Male 30’s
Diagnosis: Chronic Prostatitis
Episode of care: 10 visits

“Sexually, the orgasms are more intense, the desire has increased, and I don’t feel a lot of discomfort after ejaculation.” “Marilyn, you are my shining star… your compassion and dedication has played a huge part in my recovery.”


Client: Woman, 20s
Diagnosis: Vaginismus
Episode of care: 4 visits.

My primary doctor did not think anything was wrong. My gynecologist hinted at vaginismus. My boyfriend was the first person who diagnosed my problem, and he was my biggest support the entire time. I was nervous about coming to physical therapy, but was glad that there was an option I had not explored. After my first session I was hopeful. Emotionally, I was happy to be able to perform my home program easily at home after Marilyn helped me to learn how to help myself. My life has changed. I now use tampons every month without hesitation; I love not depending on pads. My boyfriend is more comfortable with my sexual potential when we marry. I have met other girls who have this problem, I wish this option was better known.

Client: Female, Late 30’s
Diagnosis: Pudendal Nerve entrapment, rectal pain
Episode of care: 8

My symptoms of terrible rectal pain were unbearable. I was bed/couch bound for months with no diagnosis and no hope in sight of recovery. From the first time Marilyn walked into the room I knew she understood my agony by the way she spoke, how she positioned me and lowered the lights to make me more comfortable. Out of all the physicians I saw I knew that Marilyn understood my condition more from the start and felt hope for the first time that I was going to make progress. I used a device which when inserted into my rectum helped me relax my muscles so they could begin to feel normal again. Marilyn worked internally to stretch and loosen scar tissue from previous surgery. Although painful, I had the strength to follow through because I knew it was necessary for my healing. I now understand that there are times when all the medications in the world are not enough. Manual therapy and therapeutic home devices help give the body a chance to heal on its own without drastic intervention.


Client: Female 40’s
Diagnosis: Vulvodynia
Episode of care: 4 visits

“Nothing I ever had before measured up to this: childbirth, migraine, hysterectomy. Nothing helped. I went to my gynecologist no less than 7 times. We tried medications, douches and creams. When those failed, he sent me for blood tests, urinalysis and cultures. All came back negative. My doctor suggested I see a psychiatrist, who sent me to an infectious disease doctor. All tests and exams showed enormous irritation in the area around the vaginal opening, but tests came back negative. They were all dumbfounded. I cried and went home. A nurse in the doctors office thought she could help me: after hearing her story, I felt relieved that I was not the only one with this problem. She referred me to a doctor that specializes in vulvodynia, who explained that my problem was caused by my unconscious tightening of that area when I was faced with painful times. I could attempt physical therapy or surgery, and she recommended surgery. My husband must have made 50 calls until he finally found her. Here is where my life was given back to me.: enter Marilyn Freedman, physical therapist. I learned how to feel pain in my mind without hurting my body. I am more in tune with my body than ever before. The pain over 4 visits gradually lessened. The quality of my life improved, I had hope. Marilyn taught me that the cure lies within me. Don’t give up: there are educated people out there who know what they are doing. Finding them may be difficult. If we band together and tell our story, eventually doctors will become more educated in this problem, and treatment will be readily available.”


Patient: Male, 20
Diagnosis: Sport-related groin injury
Episode of Care: 3 visits

The most important thing that I can tell anyone who is struggling with pain is not to give up. I did, and it got me absolutely nowhere. It was only when I was determined to get better that I started truly feeling better. For 3 years, I did not know what to do with myself. I was having a tremendous deal of pain in my groin, which for a 20 year old man was the worst thing imaginable. Once I realized what it was that was causing the pain, I was able to concentrate on eliminating it. Make sure that you stay conscious of what is causing the pain, and stick to your physical therapy. Also, please don’t think that I am some miracle story. You can get better, I promise.


Patient: Female, 20’s
Diagnosis: Vaginismus
Episode of Care: 4 visits

A year ago I came to you with my wife for some assistance. We were having difficulty consummating our marriage. You helped us out, now she just gave birth to a baby boy! We both want to express our tremendous appreciation & gratitude to you for making it possible, really giving us such beautiful gift. We are thinking of you for the way you made our life very special.

F and P, Husband and Wife

Client: Female, early 50’s,
Diagnosis: Prolapsed rectum.
Episode of care: 12

After a violent reaction to a powerful antibiotic, coupled with an introverted, prolapsed uterus and rectocele, my body felt unalterably damaged. I had gone from weighing 117 pounds to weighing 77pounds, nearly lost my life twice and looked like a holocaust victim. For 12 nightmarish years I lived with abdominal, pelvic and rectal pain so severe I could not sit or lie down in most positions – walking caused continual, unbearable attacks. Sensations of downward pressure were so great I had to lie on an upwardly sloping board to get a few minutes of partial relief. My body was toxic; my abdominal symptoms were explosive.

Marilyn released the knots in my obturator and other pelvic floor muscles, in a way that began the slow steady process of healing. This pelvic work often provided instant relief as well, giving my body a temporary taste of what it would be like to be normal once again. The extent to which she went for me was breathtaking. I had never met anyone in my life who had given me so much care. She did things that no other physical therapist would have been willing to do; her knowledge surpassed that of anyone I had met in my long, twelve year journey toward restoration. She helped me find an appropriate colo-rectal surgeon and I am now leading a normal life again. My debt to her is immeasurable.


Client: Woman, 38
Diagnosis: Chronic pelvic pain
Episode of Care: 5 visits to date

Thank you again for all your patience and wonderful work. My pain is not gone but definitely lower!! This always gives me a new sense of hope after every time you work.

Thank you again for everything today. Marilyn’s practice and you are truly angels on earth.
Sincerely, J

Client: Female, 52
Diagnosis: Urinary retention
Episode of care: First visit

Good morning,
Thinking of my time in your office yesterday. Your generosity of time, patience, treatment
were above and beyond. I am extremely grateful.
As I left your office and headed home, I found emotion rise and tears of release from all the trauma
in the tissue. The work was profound and deep.
I allowed all the integration I needed and was quiet all evening.
My right side had intense discomfort but is better this morning 🙂
With thanks and gratitude,


Client: Woman, 42
Diagnosis: Vulvodynia
Episode of Care: First visit

Dear Marilyn,
I am not sure if words can adequately begin to express my appreciation for everything you have given me. From a proper diagnosis, empathy, a gentle touch, encouragement, confidence, a stronger sense of purpose and hope… that is a good start! It was truly a privilege to work with you on helping myself, and with continued study, countless other women.
Looking forward to my next appointment.


Client: Male, 50s
Diagnosis: Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome
Episode of Care: Intensive treatment, 4 days

Dear Marilyn,
Thank you for your welcoming kindness last week. Your offices and the reassuring atmosphere you create make the most pleasant therapeutic setting. I wish you weren’t so far away. S seems to be conscientiously working on his personal physical therapy regimen. I’ve ordered the Feldenkrais CD, so we are doing our homework. On the long ride home, S thanked me for bringing him to you.
Thank you for being there!


Client: Male, 70+
Diagnosis: Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome
Episode of care: 6 sessions

“My doctor knew little if anything about this condition. I find the internal massage very effective. I feel it puts me on the road to recovery. You must stay focused and understand it is something you must do, so set the time aside, make up your mind and do it as properly as possible. The therapy gives me a greater appreciation for my health. It is vital to be optimistic that you will get better, because this condition affects your life: you lose interest doing almost anything, being with friends, your marriage, and on and on.”


Client: Female, 40s
Diagnosis: Multiple Sclerosis, bowel dysfunction
Episode of Care: 4 visits

“I no longer take laxatives, and am not constipated. I am able to function better outside of my apartment. Marilyn is a very dedicated PT. She made me feel comfortable dealing with a highly personal condition”


Client: Male
Diagnosis: Irritable bowel syndrome
Episode of care: 5 visits

It has been very positive. Marilyn taught me how to take control of my problems both physically and mentally. She provided very practical solutions.


Client: Female, 30s
Diagnosis: Stress Urinary Incontinence
Episode of Care: 4 visits

“I don’t have to worry about a cough or sneeze, and having to wear panty liners every day.”


Client: Male, 30s
Diagnosis: Pelvic muscle spasm
Episode of care: 1 visit

“After 1 session I saw a huge, positive difference. I wish I came earlier to get the problem fixed.”


Client: Male, 30’s
Diagnosis: Chronic prostatitis, chronic pelvic pain
Episode of care: 6 visits

“I felt nervous about seeing a physical therapist due to the nature of the work. My response after the first session was a flare-up of symptoms, followed by great improvement. I am 95% improved, so I’ve gone from severely ill to nearly normal.”


Client: Male, 70 years old
Diagnosis: Chronic prostatitis
Episode of care: 10-12 visits

“Daily living has become more satisfying due to diminished constant pain I had prior to my treatment. I received advice on how to keep the pain diminished by simple procedures and an exercise program.


Client: Female, early 30’s
Diagnosis: Urethritis, pelvic floor dysfunction
Episode of care: 1 two hour visit (before writing this) and a total of 3 visits.

I feel 80% better this morning than I have in a loooong time. My expectations were met and went far beyond that of which I expected before I walked through your door. I am sincerely grateful that I feel like this and there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am also grateful to know that my urethra is ONLY frightened; I never thought I would say those words. At least I know what is going on now and can visualize it. Can’t wait for my next meeting. I feel truly blessed to have found you and Nechama. T

Client: Female, early 40’s
Diagnosis: Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
Episode of care: 6

I was nervous, scared…could not imagine what a vaginal therapist does. However I had tried everything else and physical therapy was my last resort. At my first session all my fears were put to rest as Marilyn and Nechama made me feel comfortable. It was easy to follow the therapy program because I wanted to get better, and there was no other option. I was taught to use vaginal massage, a dilator and different exercises at home until I completely recovered.


Client: Female, 50’s.
Diagnosis: Chronic pelvic pain
Episodes of care: 2 intensive clinic stays: one 3 days and the other over a 2 week period. Two additional visits when patient came in to see her Physician. Patient lived about 7 air hours away.

One year ago, I gave serious thought to killing myself. The chronic and debilitating pain I experienced every day was winning. I no longer worked and was unable to muster the strength to read a book or take a shower. Doctors’ visits dominated my days. Demerol. morphine and tramedol were daily requirements. I underwent five pelvic surgeries in six years and still the pelvic pain did not go away.

Today I have started the glorious crawl out of that dark and frightening hole. I am off pain killers entirely and delighting in my ability to do the things I love: sing, hike, ski, cook and read. I see shades of my former self and I am thrilled to be able to welcome her back to the world!

EPT helped to identify where my body had established a 24/7 charley horse that left me in constant and excruciating agony. I learned there were ways I could help myself AT HOME that would lead to the ultimate disappearance of this pain. I appreciated their ability to read the mental trauma that comes with such chronic pain. I was impressed with their astuteness regarding the ways in which my state of mind contributed to the continuation of my physical condition. I felt deeply cared for and left re-assured that if I needed any assistance they would be available by appointment or via Skype. They did not disappoint. At any juncture they are available for consultation.


Client: Male late 50’s
Diagnosis: Male chronic pelvic pain
Episodes of care: 3

I find your relaxation tape useful and like it a lot. I like the concept of being a “self observer.” The focus on the conscious of my self helps to avoid extraneous, random thoughts. Your voice quality, prompts diction, dynamics are al “restful.” I also like the intervals between prompts as they lengthen toward the end of the tape. That is when I can achieve the highest degree of relaxation, when your voice is absent for longer periods. Good recording quality too. 23 minutes is a perfect time for me. My goal is to be able to maintain a relaxed state of my mind and muscles even when I am not using the tape.


Client: Male, 60’s
Diagnosis: Constipation: Bowel motility dysfunction.
Episodes of care: 2 visits.

I saw at least 10 doctors; paid thousands and thousands of dollars and traveled far and wide for help. I needed to have colonics to move my bowels the past 11/2 years. After my first visit I felt hopeful, as I understood why this type of treatment was different. It put control in my hands, not in more medications and colonics. I was taught deep breathing; self bowel stimulating massage; exercises to strengthen my deep abdominal muscles and impact training (which for me was light jogging).

Prior to this I was not able to move my bowels for 3-4 weeks at a time (and then only with laxatives and colonics.) I am now off all laxatives and enemas and move my bowels once to twice a week. I was impressed at how quickly my phone calls were returned and how soon I felt normal again.


Client: Female, late 50’s
Diagnosis: Chronic anal fissure
Episodes of care: 4 visits

Every time I needed to go for a bowel movement the pain was unbearable and there was lots of bleeding. My Doctor gave me medicine to put inside the anus, but after four months there was no change in the pain. I couldn’t sit without an ice pack; I couldn’t sleep because the pain was so bad. Even Motrin every 6 hours made very little difference. I was told that I needed surgery at that point, but could try physical therapy first. Although the first treatment was painful, in two days time I felt much better. I realised that I hadn’t been using the medication properly because the tightness in my anus made it impossible to apply. I could already sit without ice and was able to sleep much more. On the third visit (less than three weeks from my first visit) I felt like a new person and no longer used any medication.


Client: Male, 40’s
Diagnosis: Chronic abacterial prostatitis
Episodes of care: 6 over a 5 year period, as patient returns for a “tune up” once a year.

Marilyn, I want to thank you for your expert help. I am feeling quite well since our appointment. Your compassion and caring match your technical skills. I wish you all the best and will keep in touch.